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Hello! My name is Ali and my partner in crime, Chris, and I have decided to take on that monumentally adult-y task of starting our own food blog. The difference between the rest of food blogs and us? We’re kidless and under 30 *dun dun dun* (yes, we realize we’ll have to edit this once we turn 30, but bare with us, please).

At the time of writing this absolutely horrific introductory post, I am a junior at the University of Delaware studying English Education. I participate in the Marching Band there, and am also a part of the Rubber Chickens Improv Group. Chris graduated UD last year with an English BA and is currently running the middle school youth group at his local church. We met in Marching Band (gross, I know), made it into the Rubber Chickens together (yep, even grosser), have been best friends for three years, and have been happily dating for one.

Recently, we decided we needed something more to occupy our time. There’s only so much you can do for date night in Delaware, and one of our newest and favorite hobbies is cooking with each other. We love it. We love the planning, the prepping, the worrying about there being too much salt, or not enough. What better way to bond than to argue over measurements and seasoning?

So, here we are. As the comedians and half-way decent writers we make ourselves out to be, we decided to share our experiences with the vast, indifferent passers-by of the internet. We hope you enjoy our pictures, experiences, tastes, fuck-ups, ridiculous arguments, and musings.


Alee n Kriz



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